GENUS Project Baby Face Bento Head Review

I have been admiring the Baby Face Bento head by Genus Project for some time. I drooled over lots of flickr pics and finally caved in and bought the Genus Project Baby Face Bento head. It took me a bit to figure out the settings and I am still pondering about some of them. I made my own shape because I wanted to see if I can make her look less like she had lip injections but give her a more mature look.

Well I failed but that’s besides the point.

What really upsets me are the eyes. The eyes either way I am using the sliders from stopping the eye animations in Firestorm as per tutorial from Strawberry Singh


to using a different set of Genus eyes, but they just look wonky. Which makes me dislike the head as of right now. I even changed my shape a million times but nothing would get rid of the eye issue. The eyes (when using their emotions hud) would just pop out of the sockets and end up right below my eyebrows.

eyes wonky.png

No offense to the Genus Project, but Bento mesh heads have been around for a while and me as a customer I expect a bit more from a released product. The head looks wonderful on edited pics. I love the wet and oily skin features a lot, but in my opinion the head is not finished.

I’ve tried several different skin makers from Pumec who has a nice free Genus skin in their group gifts to a skin from [Pink Fuel] at The Epiphany which I am wearing in above photo.

The verdict, I will wear my other Bento mesh head for the time being and hope Genus Project will come out with a update soon.

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